My name is Mike. You can read a few things about me below. Or read a few things I have written on my blog. Or find out how to contact me in various ways.

My name is Mike. I solve problems using computers. There is much more about my coding activities below.

I am thoroughly a geek. Besides spending most of my time working with and trying to understand software, I also enjoy speculative fiction, science in general, and constantly learning new things, both useful and trivial. A few of my favorite non-computing topics are linguistics, psychology, and scientific skepticism.

I also enjoy running and exercise; movies, both cerebral and idiotic; beers, both ale and lager; probably some other things.

I write a lot of code, both professionally and on my own time. I am passionate about free software (known to some as open source software) and contribute a lot of time and energy into projects and organizations that I am interested in.

Some of the projects that I work on or am interested in are mirrored in my personal git and mercurial repositories.

And as with everything else, code is now social, so I have projects and profiles on a few social coding sites. See what I'm up to on GitHub, Bitbucket, Open Hub, and OpenHatch.

I always enjoy talking about and learning about software, so feel free to get in touch with me on any of these sites or contact me in other ways.

To get in touch with me, you can comment on my blog, contact me directly by email, find me as mtmx on IRC (freenode or oftc), or if you prefer to use some social platform, on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.